We're moving

Hello friends! It's been a very long time, and there is a very good reason for that - I've been working on a new site! In efforts to combine my love of art education and my ever developing career in counseling, along with my journey into motherhood, I've created a new site called Arts Crafts Sanity. The title says it all really, you'll find the same arts/crafts projects you do at WeeHeartArt, along with parenting information and mental health tips (like how to survive all the anxiety that comes parenthood!)

Please check it out and let me know what you think!



My New Favorite Blog

I have a few staple blogs I like to read. Each one satisfies a different interests.
I read A Cup of Jo to satisfy my need for visually pleasing girly/mom/adult stuff like fashion, food and pop culture.
I read Zen Habits to satisfy my need to slow down and be a little more in the moment.
I read The Full Montessori to get more ideas for teaching as well as Playful Learning to expand my repertoire and stay organized.
I also love the Kitchn or Dinner a Love Story for recipes I'll probably never get around to making and Oh Happy Day for beautiful projects that we love to look at, but again will probably never get around to making.

All that being said... I have a new favorite site that seems like a good crossover here. It's called The Adventures Archive, part of the Teach a Talent site. Picture this, one mom, two kids and a whole slew of talented people passing on their skills to a young audience. A few weeks ago they visited a tailor's shop where they learned to make feather bow ties and take measurements for garments. They've also gone to a tea and spice shop and visited a florist. Isn't this a lovely idea? It makes me want to bring in some of these talented people and have them do a short lesson in my class! And what an awesome outing for kids - taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary!


Let's take a bit of a break

For the next few weeks-months this blog is going to be under construction. We'll be back soon with a new format, new ideas and new projects. I promise! 

Until then, please continue to check out some of our older projects!


Tape and Vellum Sun Catchers

I watched this little girl at the garden store the other day play with a vellum pinwheel. She kept yelling for her mom to look at the blue and red shadow it cast on the wall. She was blown away by the idea that a blue and red shadow could even exist. And then I got this idea...


Happy President's Day!

Fun factoid - did you know that both President Jefferson and Washington loved ice cream? I was recently listening to a history podcast on the invention of ice cream when they mentioned that both presidents were big fans of the tasty treat. Washington often served ice cream when entertaining and Jefferson's estate was discovered to have a large quantity of ice cream making supplies along with his very own ice cream recipe, which I'll share with you today.

I don't know about you, but I think food is a great way for kids to connect to any historical figure, especially when that food is a delicious treat. Click here for the recipe.

Presidents and presidential candidates eating ice cream

George Washington's Breakfast